Products, services:


steel-structure hall design steel construction design
foundation foundation design
foundation work basement consulting
highway foundation car salon planning
investment planning family house
detached house founding detached house design
hall hall implementation
hall foundation hall structure design
crane runway planning building design
architectural visual design building design
sanitary engineering planning building damage reconstruction
building damage examination restaurant design
wood-house design earthquake-proof building design
bored pile foundation foundation of a dam
geodetic planning mechanical engineering building design
bearing of bridge design of industrial halls
runway foundation environment-friendly building planning
public building design residential building design
housing estate construction building construction planning
deep foundation foundation engineering planning
deep compaction engineering expert activity
agricultural building planning technical inspection
engineering expert activity techical direction
engineering structure construction foundation-piling
warehouse construction flat basement
Soil-Cons process statistic construction
hotel design structure planning
landscape architectural design soil backing
soil mechanics soil exploration
soil mechanical boring soil mechanics drilling implementation
soil mechanics consulting soil mechanics expert
soil mechanics expert opinion subsurface sounding
  soil mechanical analysis
  soil sampling
soil compaction retaining wall design
condominium design framework planing
milk factory planning settlement planning
winter garden design planning groundmap
design site survey projecting work
roof structure planning swimming pool design
swimming-pool design road filling
roadbed construction road foundation reinforcement
pitching road construction design
road design construction hall design
slaughterhouse design adobe house design
reinforced steel structure drafting railway foundation
railway filling design of chemical industrial buildings
chemical industry design catering room design
catering trade unit planning percussion penetration method